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If you are having pump problems either have look at our FAQ's to solve your problem or if you can't find it there simply contact us.

Whether you pump problem is with an electric pump, air operated diaphragm pump, centrifugal pump, sewage pump, self priming pump or an industrial pump we can help!

My pump is leaking, how can I solve the problem?

Isolate the pump electrically, then turn off the isolating valves on both the suction and discharge side of the pump.  Then contact us for advice on our pump repair service

My pump is making a "humming" sound, and isn't pumping.

The pump is not rotating which is either caused by a blockage, or an electrical problem. A qualified service or pump repair engineer will be needed to rectify the problem.


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The pump is running but not pumping any liquid.

Check to ensure the pump is installed correctly ie. The inflow is connected to the suction side, and outlet to the discharge side of the pump.Then ensure the pump has a flooded suction and that thewater supply valves are turned on. If the pump draws liquid from below the installation, thenensure the foot valve and strainer used is air tight and not disrupting suction lift.  If the pump is a new installation,then the pump will need to be bled through its bleed screw to remove any possible air locks.


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